Naked Tantric massage

Massage at home and in Maspalomas, taxi costs are in addition to the price.

The four chakras I work on are:

  • 1st chakra: the root center (dark red) – grounding, survival, self-confidence, security, solidity and stability, the unconscious
  • 2nd chakra: the pleasure center (the orange) – the awakening of sexuality, pleasure, vitality, instinctive intuition of the senses
  • 3rd chakra: the center of power (yellow) – identity, confidence, peace, satisfaction and self-esteem, courage, kindness, desire for power and possession, intense activity
  • 4th chakra: the center of love (green) – love and compassion, emotion, intuition, intimacy, joy, honor, enthusiasm, radiance, sincerity, but also impatience, cruelty, violence

They are energy centers that have their roots at the base of the spine. They are an essential notion in Tantric practice.

When a person is able to extend their orgasm to their entire body from the foci of stimulation (the penis and the prostate for men) then the chakras become the resonators of pleasure.

For this it is essential to extend one’s sensations to the second chakra which is located under the navel and also to allow that of the heart to open thanks to the propagation of pleasure. Tantric massage is a practice that promotes this openness.

Tantric massage is a prelude where the reunion with your body takes precedence. Much more than a simple preliminary, this practice develops the art of a harmonious relationship with one’s partner. Touch, at the heart of the intimate!

More than a simple massage, the tantric approach develops the art of relating to oneself and to the other. The central principle of this practice! Privileged tool of the intimate, it allows to restore a body communication.

Where speech may be difficult and poor in expressing feelings or sensations, through tantric massage, touch takes over.

The course of a session is not technical and does not revolve around precise gestures. Giving and receiving are its two poles. As for a dance, a real bodily dialogue between the two partners takes place. Each opens up to the other. Slowness is required, it is even often the condition for « feeling ». Breathing is another central element in relaxing the mind.

Sometimes tremors occur, followed by a great relaxation, as if a breastplate were flying off. The body can even become a temple, for a sexual relationship, where the sacred dimension is present.

This particular massage allows you to rediscover the other, the quality of their skin, their breath, their curves, their sensuality. There is the idea of waking up, of going beyond what you believe in yourself and the other.